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We are very active Real Estate people... We always seem to be busy doing something!  Maintaining dozens of listings while holding together transactions and talking to lots of people on a weekly basis about Real Estate issues is what we love to do. 

But please keep in mind...we always have time for YOU! And we don't mind giving you No Hassle and No Obligation Real Estate advice if you need it. Let us be your family Real Estate consultants and advisors. We pride ourselves at the fact that we look at at Real Estate as more than just a job... it is a life style and re-lated to everything that you we do.  


One of our clients once said, "I'd rather have a very busy Real Estate agent, than someone who sits around on their a__ all the time waiting for something to happen."

Enough said about that!


Advice for the day:

If you have a lot of tension and you get a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle:
"Take two aspirin" and "Keep away from children." (I can say that - I raised 3!)

Realtor Fun Stuff

    "If I had one million dollars, I'd invest it in Real Estate and turn it into two million dollars! And if I had a dollar for every time someone told me that THEY SHOULD HAVE invested in Real Estate years ago instead of the stock market, I could at least buy a one-acre lot somewhere!"  --Mike Cummings    

AND that advice still holds true whether it is a "down" economy or a "vibrant" economy. Done correctly, Real Estate is a great investment. Depending on your goals, it can either be a long term or short term investment.

There is also a concept that I termed "Recreational Investment." Owning a second home or property (of any size), using it and sharing it with your friends and family over a number of years, will equal a "living life experience" that is really hard to measure in terms of the financial aspects of that experience. Coupled with the likely financial rewards of holding Real Estate long term and the memories that are created, I call a Recreational Investment. 


Leaving a legacy for your children in the form of Real Estate holdings is an honorable gesture... but it is no picnic for the Real Estate agent that has to deal with the 5 siblings who disagree about everything when you have left this earth and the children want to squabble about everything when they decide to sell (or not to sell) the family holdings...  

My point: Planning, Planning, Planning!


 Another tidbit of advice:  Buy a house for the things that can't be changed (or easily reconfigured): Location, Land Attributes and Major Features. If you REALLY want a garage AND a basement, get the house with a basement and strive to save to add the garage you want later.


We feel fortunate to live in the 4 season region of beautiful Northern Michigan! 



  I support the following Charities:


AC (the no-kill animal shelter located in Mancelona).

The Father Fred Foundation in Traverse City.

Paralyzed Veterans Association (from one vet to another).



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Realtor Mike Cummings