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Very low availability of area monthly rentals...... I am certainly biased, but this is just another reason why it makes sense for most people to OWN a home in Northern Michigan.


We will post ANY rental or Lease Purchase (Rent to Own) homes on this page free of charge - just email us the details. 


Mike's advice regarding rentals:  1) Be diligent - looking for a rental is tough right now  - tell  everyone that you are looking. Often times, you may get something by Knowing someone!  2) Never give or send money without fully checking out the situation.  3) Keep your credit score as high as possible - many landlords will take this into consideration


If you need a little advice regarding Investment Properties or Lease Purchase contracts, please feel free to contact us anytime.


  Rental and Lease Purchase (aka: Rent to Own or Lease Option) Properties

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There are other resources in the area as well. Our MLS system does allow rental listings, though few Real Estate Agents deal with rentals and there are not usually many rental listings within our MLS system.  See the MLS tab to take a look. 


Updated  4/20/22

Lease Purchase/Rent to Own Programs

"Lease Purchase" otherwise known as "Rent to Own" or "Lease with Option to Buy" Real Estate contracts may be a creative and beneficial arrangement for both buyers and sellers given the right circumstances. There are very few situations like this in the region, however if a buyer meets certain criteria, sometimes a seller may be able to accept this type of contract. 

I have developed some "Lease Purchase" guidelines for those who wish to explore this option. 


These are the requirements and key ingredients to ensure success:

1)   Motivation, determination and patience on the part of the potential homeowner (seller).

  For the Buyer:

2)   Credit worthiness or the solid commitment to work on repairing credit.

3)   Financial ability (Income or future potential income) to afford the home and possibly work on repairing credit.

4)   Finding a property that can eventumally be financed or repaired to become financeable.

  For All Parties:

5)   Having/Finding an owner/seller that can and is willing to participate in this type of contract.

6)   Willingness of the people involved to work with financial and Real Estate professionals to attain goals.


What Buyers can benefit from a Lease Purchase?

1) Credit challenged Buyers who have had financial difficulties and lower credit scores but have the income to support the payment and are in the process of "getting in shape" to get a regular mortgage and need the time to do that.

2) Relocating Buyer - That can't obtain a mortgage until they sell another property.

3) Self-employed Buyers that have issues gaining traditional financing.