Are you considering a change?

You:  Ambitious and Motivated

            Personable and Honest

              Educated and Savvy

              Realistic and Diligent


Mike and the team:     "The Same!"


 You must also be an independent thinker with a eagerness to learn the area and thrive. I prefer someone with some level of experience in the Real Estate business, but would consider the right person to train and mentor into a successful agent. 


What I offer:  An established, independent office with a good Traverse City location, a huge Internet presence and a great reputation. I am a broker that cares and offers support and oversight but not with "too much structure."  


Other Stuff out of Mike's Mind:  The Real Estate business is more about relationships and guiding people, NOT sales. While there are some aspects of the business that should be treated in a consistent and a "certain manner," there is not just one specific style or method to Real Estate that I find "has to be the way things are done." Everyone has their own style and preferences. Being as knowledgeable as your experience allows and being well prepared ARE paramount. Being a professional Realtor takes a large amount of commitment in terms of time and money, but the rewards of the career are well worth the "life value return."